Galvanized Steel Sheets

Hot-Dip Galvanizing After Fabrication*

A batch process used to produce a zinc coating on manufactured steel products by total immersion of structural or fabricated steel in a bath of molten zinc. The process provides a metallurgically bonded coating, generally 100 um (4 mils) thick, consisting of iron-zinc alloy layers covered with zinc.

Galvanized Steel

Steel coated with a thin layer of zinc to provide corrosion resistance in underbody auto parts, garbage cans, storage tanks, or fencing wire. Sheet steel normally must be cold-rolled prior to the galvanizing stage.


Steel is run through a molten zinc coating bath, followed by an air stream "wipe" that controls the thickness of the zinc finish.


Zinc plating process whereby the molecules on the positively charged zinc anode attach to the negatively charged sheet steel. The thickness of the zinc coating is readily controlled. By increasing the electric charge or slowing the speed of the steel through the plating area, the coating will thicken.


Electrogalvanizing equipment is more expensive to build and to operate than hot dipped, but it gives the steelmaker more precise control over the weight of the zinc coating. The automotive manufacturers, because they need the superior welding, forming and painting ability of electrogalvanized steel, purchase 90% of all tonnage produced.


Steel sheet with a unique coating of 55% aluminum and 45% zinc that resists corrosion. The coating is applied in a continuous hotdipped process, which improves the steel's weather resistance. Galvalume® is a trademark of BHP Steel, and the product is popular in the metal building market.

Galvanized Steel*

Steel coated with zinc to provide corrosion resistance for a wide range of products including automobiles, bridges, storage tanks, structural steel, fasteners, duct work, light poles, pipe, sign supports, reinforcing steel and wire.

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